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Host event at gov jothon Task force
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g0v Hackathon (Hybrid)

g0v Hackathon is one of the important civic tech event in Asia, each with at least 100 participants, amassing an accumulated total of over 10,000+ participants and 700+ projects for the past 9 years.

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g0v CivicTech Prototype Grant (Physical)

The grant aims to encourage talented individuals and teams to join the civic tech community and to accelerate the incubation phase of projects. Along with the g0v Hackathons, the Grant hopes to further support projects capable of producing influences, butterfly effects and new possibilities. From 2017 to 2019, the grant has gradually brought in substantial resources (including funds for Grantee 1365K USD) to allow 24 winning teams and projects to continue their operation and successfully created changes!

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Sch001 (Hybrid)

“Sch001” project puts 0 and 1 representing the digital native generation in the “School”. Starting from February 2020, Sch001 has accumulated 21 Edtech proposals in 3 workshops, 3 g0v Hackathons, and selected 6 winning teams on Demo Day. In 2021, there were near 800 participants (physically and virtually).

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g0v Infras + Infrathon (Hybrid)

The g0v community is composed of “people, pits, and hackathon”. How to make it easy for participants to connect and collaborate requires more useful tools and platforms. Therefore, the g0v jothon task force started the relevant plan, and the farmers and pen farmers worked together for a long time, hoping that through the normal operation of the infrastructure project, the multi-center work can be more effective.

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CO-Host event at gov jothon Task force
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g0v Summit 2018 (Physical)

g0v Summit 2018

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g0v Summit 2020 (Hybrid)

g0v Summit 2020

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NASA Space App Challange (Virtual)

“NASA Space Apps Challenge” is the largest non-profit hackathon in this world, in 2021, there were 28,000 registrations from over 320 locations all over the world. One of the 10 Global Winners at NASA Space Apps 2021 is from Taiwan: “Ani’s Cuff”, their efforts paid off with international recognition from NASA as the winner of the “Best Use of Science”.

2020 | 2021


RadicalxChange 2021 Annual (Hybrid)

Inspired by, the culture of “civic technology”, drawing energy from many communities and disciplines, and this is at the heart of the RadicalxChange movement. In 2021. g0v jothon joined “RadicalxChange 2021 Annual” as co-host, connected with Asian civictech partners, including Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea, organized physical events in Taiwan and the United States, and also held the virtual event on the European time zone.

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Presidential Hackathon (Hybrid)

Inspired by g0v CivicTech Prototype Grant (by g0v jothon), the Presidential Hackathon is the first large-scale hackathon officially organized by the Taiwanese government. Aim to open data, and to promote more cooperation between the government and the private sector, the Presidential Hackathon is supervised by Presidential Office, organized by Executive Yuan, co-organized by Board of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan, and supported by National Development Council. And g0v jothon joined in 2020 and 2021 as technical support partners.

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